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Nigeria 2


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On Monday, the 7th of October, we flew in a chartered plane from Lagos to Jos.  Lagos weather was quite humid and 80F, whereas Jos, being in a much higher elevation, was in the 80s F but cool and breezy, dipping into the 60s F at night.  Upon landing in Jos, we were greeted by a parade of young men clad in red, playing recorders (woodwinds) of some sort, followed by a drum and bugle corps who played familiar strains of contemporary Christian praise and worship songs.  Our music director Todd Williams joined them with his saxophone, as can be seen in photo #5 below.  The remaining three are views of Jos from the road.  Considerably hilly terrain, whereas Lagos is quite flat...   Jos, incidentally, is an acronym for "Jesus Our Saviour".  Evidently, this city had Christian origins.