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I snapped the top row of photos on the second day of pastors' conferences in Jos.  Here, the band is setting up equipment for a sound check prior to the conference's beginning.  Many thousands of pastors attended these meetings, too, which were held in a football (soccer) stadium not too far from the polo grounds.   Several of the band members took ill while we were in Nigeria, but were able to carry on.


Once again, here's another panoramic view of the polo grounds prior to the second evening's crusade.  That night, the battle was on the ground.  Witches had infiltrated the meeting, and one in particular was cursing the crowd, putting many to flight.  Suddenly, she shrieked as a Greater Power overcame her, pinning her to the ground.  Ministry workers shared the Gospel with her, cast devils out from her, and she was saved!  God moved marvelously at this meeting, and the peace of Christ permeated the grounds.