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The top two photos were taken the evening of the first crusade.  That's Todd Williams, TSC's music director, with his camcorder in the front of the choir risers in picture #1; Harry Vaughn is seated behind the drumkit in picture #2.  "Look how big those toms are!" he said of the kit that was provided for him.   Picture #3 was taken on the afternoon of the second crusade, offering a clear, daylit view of the banner behind the choir riser.  Oops, some of the ladies from the alto section made it into the picture!  Photo #4 is of myself (Alec) with Samuel Babina, one of many Nigerian policemen who accompanied us to and from our hotel.  
The third night of the crusades was beautifully calm, and a Spirit of true worship enveloped the proceedings from start to finish.  "The seed of a great tree has been planted in Nigeria," pastor Carter spoke prophetically, the results of which would ripple throughout that nation and into the rest of Africa.  Indeed, the Lord had shown me repeatedly throughout this year (and much of last year) the entire upper region  that embodies West and East Africa.  I wasn't sure what He was signifying by the vision, but now its meaning is clearly evident.  The pastors' conferences in Lagos and Jos and the crusades in Jos were nationally televised there, too.  What part I shall take in it (beyond prayer), only God knows.  "Here I am, Lord; send me," is the cry of my heart for any situation He deems to call me into.  We'll see what transpires.   After the last evening's crusade, we (the choir) could not help but weep as we departed from these precious souls who had gathered in the polo grounds.  As our vans made their way to the hotel, we could see many who had walked for miles to the crusades, their hearts aglow and their smiling countenances singing the praises of our blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. 


The bottom four photographs were taken on Sunday, 13 October, 2002, as thirty of us took a bus from Jos to Abuja, the new capital of Nigeria.  It was a great opportunity to see the scenic countryside.  The last two of these are of our entry into Abuja.  The new roads and (government) buildings and lush landscaping are in stark contrast to the squalor that characterizes most of Lagos and other parts of Nigeria. 
Still, I am honored to have come to this country on the Lord's business, and am delighted to have encountered many of the sweet, humble siblings in Christ we have there.   There are overwhelming physical and spiritual needs in Nigeria, but "the Lord's arm is not shortened that He cannot save."  "Call on Me in the day of trouble, and I will answer you," He says.  Indeed, when America's economy collapses and panic grips much of the U.S., including the church (sadly), our Nigerian brothers in Christ may be the ones coming over to evangelize, offering sobering words of comfort.  Experience can be a cruel teacher, but God is good...
Yours in Christ Jesus,
A l e c <><